Where can I get support for publisher content?

As an instructor, you may decide to use publisher-based course materials, assignments and tests in your online class. Due to publishers keeping most of their support information as proprietary and confidential, the ID team is limited in the assistance we can provide both students and instructors. Publishers offer their own comprehensive technical support for their products. If you require help with publisher content, you may need to reach out to the publisher (or your sales representative) directly. We’ve provided contact information below for your convenience. If you use publisher content in your course, it is important to provide students with ways for them to access technical support.

Blackboard has a very informative website regarding many of the publishing partners they work with. This is a good place to start if you are considering using publisher content in your course.

macmillan ebook.pngMacMillan Education

Setup Guide

Student/Instructor Support: MacMillan Education’s support site will allow students to reach out via phone and through a help request submission form (email). They also have a comprehensive knowledge-base.
Support Website     Knowledge-Base
Additional Instructor Support: This website
 offers training and demos of MacMillan products.
Phone Number: Available through ticket system
Hours of Support: Available 24/7

mcgrawhill logo.pngMcGraw Hill

Setup Guide

Student/Instructor Support: McGraw Hill’s support site will allow students and instructors to contact them for both customer support as well as technical support by phone and email. There are also FAQ/Knowledge-base systems for both systems. There is also a live chat within the Technical Support FAQ. Support Website
Additional Support for Instructors: In addition to the previous website, this website has more information for instructors, such as a computer compatibility checker, peer training (aka help from other faculty), and implementation counseling.

Customer Support (For students and instructors):
Customer Support FAQ Page
Phone: 800-338-3987
Hours of Support (Eastern Time):
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Tech Support (For students and instructors):
Tech Support FAQ Page     FAQ Page with included Live Chat
Phone: 800-331-5094
Hours of Support (Eastern Time):
Sunday: 12:00 pm – 12:00 am
Monday – Thursday: 24 hrs
Friday: 12:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Student/Instructor Support: The help and support center offers FAQs, start guides, troubleshooting and user guides, and customer support via a ticket system (requires login) or phone for both students and instructors.
Help and Support Center     FAQs
Phone Number: 800-354-9706
Hours of Support: Available 24/7

Student/Instructor Support: Pearson offers an extensive support knowledge-base as well as a help request system.
Knowledge-base Support Website     Online Help Request Site
Hours of Support: Available 24/7

pearson cengage.jpgPearson Cengage /Aplia

Setup Guide

Student Support: Aplia student support

Website: Aplia Support

Hours of Support (Eastern Time) Monday – Thursday: 8:30am to 9:00pm Friday: 8:30am to 6:00pm


Student Support: The WebAssign support site will allow students to reach out via phone and through a help request submission form. They also offer a comprehensive FAQ area. Student Support Website 
Instructor Support: The WebAssign site for instructors offers a FAQ page, a manual (called “online help”), video tutorials, and other resources in addition to a help request submission form (email) and a help hotline.
Instructor Website     FAQ     Manual
Phone Number: 800-354-9706
Hours of Support: 24/7

WP_Tours.jpgWiley Plus

Student Support: Wiley Plus offers an FAQ area, live chat, forums, and a email contact system for students.
Student Support Website
Instructor Support: Wiley plus offers Live chat, a community site, and a live hotline for instructors.
Instructor Support Website
Live Instructor Help Hotline: 877-586-0192
Hours of Support: 24/7