What is the Blackboard Instructor Mobile App?

Blackboard Instructor is a mobile app that enables you to view course content, connect with students in discussions, and even interact with your class in Blackboard Collaborate. The app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Blackboard Instructor App’s Logo:


The Blackboard Instructor App is ideal for:

  • Viewing course discussions.
  • Reviewing previously posted course content.
  • Posting course announcements on myCourses.

The Blackboard Instructor App is NOT recommended for:

  • Creating course content or assignments.
  • Posting files
  • Viewing media, such as videos (These will automatically open in your mobile device’s web browser)

Need help downloading the app?

View our guide here: http://fkbase.blogs.umassd.edu/knowledgebase/how-do-i-download-blackboard-mobile-for-my-device/

The Blackboard Instructor app for iOS and Android is meant to work alongside myCourses and should not be used as a substitute for a computer.
We highly recommend using an internet browser for most activities to avoid potential loss of work, as this material cannot be recovered from mobile devices.

Need technical support or have additional questions?
All technical support questions regarding the Blackboard apps should be directed to Blackboard. Support can be found at https://help.blackboard.com/.