What is publisher content?

As an instructor, you may decide to use publisher-based course materials, assignments and tests in your online class. Due to publishers keeping most of their support information as proprietary and confidential, the ID team is limited in the assistance we can provide both students and instructors. Publishers offer their own comprehensive technical support for their products. If you require help with publisher content, you may need to reach out to the publisher (or your sales representative) directly. We’ve provided contact information below for your convenience.

If you use publisher content in your course, it is important to provide students with ways for them to access technical support. Please provide this link to your students: Publisher Contact Information http://skbase.blogs.umassd.edu/knowledgebase/where-can-i-get-support-for-publisher-content/

Blackboard has a very informative website regarding many of the publishing partners they work with. This is a good place to start if you are considering using publisher content in your course.