What is myGrades?

myGrades is a very helpful tool to add to your course site. This tool allows students to view the grades you have assigned their work. myGrades works in conjunction with the columns in your grade center, so there is no need to create additional columns to share grades with your students. You control what grades your students see, and when, by adjusting assignment and/or grade column settings.

To add myGrades to your course site:

1. Click on the “+” in the upper-left corner of your course menu.
2. Select Tool Link.
3. Check off Make Available to Students.
4. Name the tool link: myGrades
5. Select My Grades from the drop-down menu.
6. Click Submit.
Your students can now see any grades you have made visible.

Below is an example of what your students see in myGrades.

  • The green check mark indicates that the instructor has graded their submission.
  • The blue speech bubble indicates the the instructor has left feedback for the student.

Screenshot 2015-08-18 14.25.45.png