What is a Learning Module and how do I use it in my course site?

Think of learning Modules as “Virtual Books.” A Learning Module is a book-like collection of Content Items and Files focused on a specific subject that students can navigate through at their own pace. For example, a Learning Module about Module pages can include lecture notes, links to websites with pictures of specified tools and assignments all in one unit of instruction. Instructors can create a structured path for progressing through the items. The path can be set so that students must view content sequentially, or set to permit users to view the content in any order.

The path is displayed in a Table of Contents which can be used by students to navigate through the Learning Module. Content within a Learning Module is added and managed just like content in a Content Folder. However, the Learning Module is a shell into which other content, such as files, tools, and assessments are added and housed in a successive order arranged by the instructor. Below is an example of a Learning Module complete with individual topics of instruction, tools links to assignments, videos, .pdf document files, article links, and notation from the instructor.

Tutorial Video: