Importing Questions from a Word Document into ExamSoft

Questions must be in a specific format in order for ExamSoft to recognize and import them. In Microsoft
Word, you will need to ensure that multiple choice questions are formatted as shown below.
1. Who is the UMass Dartmouth mascot?
a. Bernie the pirate
*b. Arnie the corsair
c. Charlie the conqueror
d. Carl the bulldog
Formatting specifications:

  • Questions must start with a number followed by a period and then a space. [1. ]
  • Answers must start with a letter and be followed by a period and then a space. [a. ]
  • Indicate which answer is correct by typing an asterisk before that answer. [*b. ]
  • You CANNOT use the automatic numbering list function in word. Each piece of the question
    must be on its own line and you must type out each question number and answer choices (1., a.,
    b., etc.)
  • Answers choices cannot be indented.
  • The document must be uploaded in Rich Text Format. You can save your Word document in this format by going to File > Save As, choosing a place to save it, and then choosing “Rich Text
  • Format” from the save as type drop-down list below the file name.
  • Formatting specifications for question types other than multiple choice can be found here:

Step 1: Once your document of questions is ready, navigate to the ExamSoft login page: Click the “Login” button under “Administrators/Faculty” and use your UMassD credentials to login.

Step 2: Go to the “Questions” area and click on the folder for your course under the term you are teaching in.
Note: If there is no folder for your course please contact Instructional Development to have one created.

Step 3: Place your mouse arrow over the gear icon to the right of the name of your course and choose “New
Folder.” Name this folder whatever you are calling the exam (e.g. Exam 1, Final Exam, Midterm) and
then click the “Create” button.

Step 4: Click the “Import Questions” button.

Step 5: Under “RTF Import”:

  • Use the “Change Folder” button to select the folder you created in step 3.
  • Click on the paper clip file button to attach your RTF document with questions.
  • Check the “Import with HTML tags” and “Import all questions as draft” boxes.
  • Choose “Clean MSWord Formatting” from the filter drop-down list.

Step 6: If all questions were formatted correctly, ExamSoft will recognize them and confirm how many will be
imported. Click the “Import Valid Questions” button to finish importing the questions.
If ExamSoft cannot import some of your questions, it will show which ones caused errors. Go back into
your rtf document to check their formatting and then repeat Step 5 & 6 to import the updated version.

Step 7: Click the “Go to Folder” button to return to the folder with your imported questions.