How to upload and share a video using Mediaspace

Step 1. Log into Mediaspace ( by clicking on “Guest” and “Login”.
Login using your UmassD credentials.
If you have already logged into MYUMASSD it will log you in automatically.
Please note that students do not have the ability to upload and share video in Mediaspace unless requested by
the instructor.

Step 2. Click “+ Add New” and then on “Media Upload”.

Step 3. Upload your video by either dragging and dropping the video or “Choose a file for Upload”.

Step 4. If you choose to upload a file, click on the file and click “Open”.

Step 5. Once processed you will see “Upload Completed!”.

You can rename the name of the video, add a description, and tag it so it will be easier to find in your list. If
this video is to be shared outside of the organization, mark it as “Unlisted”.
When finished click “Save”, then click “Go To Media”.

Step 6. In My Media, you will see all the media you have uploaded.