How to edit captions in Kaltura MyCourses

Step 1: In MyCourses, scroll down and click on MyMedia

Step 2: Click the media for which you wish to edit captions.

Step 3: Click the Actions drop-down menu and select “Edit.”
Captioning in Kaltura

Step 4: Click on “Captions”, then click on “Edit Captions

Step 5: The caption editor will open.

Edit the desired caption in the text field on the left of the page.
Clicking on the text will bring you to the exact point in the video on the right and vice-versa.
To edit the timestamp of each line, click the desired timestamp to modify the time.
The editor will highlight any overlapping time.
To search, enter your text in the “Search in captions” box.
Click Save to save your edits.
Note: To change if captions are displayed in the player, for example, if you do not want the captions to
display, toggle the small screen under Actions (show on player).