How long do I have access to myCourses sites after the semester ends?

Student access to myCourses course sites is removed 60 days after the course end date. (see Incomplete information below)

Faculty retain access to their courses sites for a period of 3 semesters (14 months) from which the course was initially offered. Faculty are advised to backup their courses after each semester in order to retain a copy of the course for their records or should their service end at UMass Dartmouth.
Teaching Assistants, Course Graders, Course Builders, and employees are removed 7 days after the course end date.

Students who have been granted a grade of ā€œIā€ (Incomplete) will retain access to the course site for 60 days after the course end date to complete their work. After the 60 day period, the instructor must make alternative arrangements for the student to complete the course work outside of the myCourses system.