How do I export grades from the Grade Center?

Once you have finalized your Grade Center, you can export it as an archive for future reference.

  1. Open the Full Grade Center.
  2. Click the “Work Offline” tab and choose “Download.” You can leave the first option as the default “Full Grade Center.” If you would like data from only one column, choose “Selected Column” and choose the column you would like.
  3. Change delimiter type to Comma.
  4. Click Submit.On the next page click the “Download” button, and choose save. The export will now be available in your Downloads folder with a time stamped file named “gc_CourseName_fullgc_year_mo_day_hr_min_sec.csv”
  5. You can now view your grade center by opening this file with any spreadsheet application (such as Microsoft Excel).

Note: You can also perform this action throughout the year to keep personal back-ups of your grade center.

If you are having trouble with grade center calculations, or just want to clean up your grade center, please contact the Instructional Development team at 508-999-8900 or IT Help.

The video below will walk you through how to export the Grade Center: