How do I communicate within myCourses?

The three most common communication channels you will utilize to interact with your students (other than course content) are Announcements, Course Messages and Outlook Email. You may use any or all of these tools, individually or in tandem, to keep your students up to date on what is happening in the course.


Post these in the “What’s New” module page. Your students will see them in the course site, as well as on their myCourses Dashboard. Students should also receive them as a course message.

Course Messages

This is a way to communicate with your student strictly within myCourses. The interface looks similar to sending and receiving emails, but they are not emails.
It is very important to understand that Course Messages are different from email because they only exist within myCourses, and are not retrievable once your course ends.


The email tool in myCourses allows you to send emails to your students’ UMass Dartmouth email address through Outlook ( Outlook Mail is the University’s email client.
Any replies will be delivered to your Outlook Mail account (

For more information on using Microsoft Outlook follow this link