How do I add items to the Course Menu?

How do I add items to the Course Menu?
You can enable the ability to add items to the Course Menu by making sure the Edit Mode button (in the far right hand corner of your course page) is turned ON. Once Edit Mode is ON, a + button will appear in the top left hand corner of the course page, atop the Course Menu. Simply click on this button to review a list of items that can be added to the menu. After selecting the item you wish to add, complete the requested information fields, then click Submit. Selecting the “Available to Users” box will allow students access and visibility to the item you’ve added.

How do I hide or remove items from the Menu?
By default Content Areas that are empty are hidden from Students. If you wish to hide an area from Students but don’t want to delete it, click on the Action link button (outlined in red on graphic) next to the item to be hidden and select “Hide Link” from the resulting menu. If an Instructor would like to completely remove an item from the menu, click on the Action link button next to the item to be removed and choose “Delete”.

How do I rearrange the links on the Menu?
To rearrange the links on your course menu simply place your mouse to the far left of the link (outlined in blue on the graphic), then press down on the left button on your mouse. Drag the mouse vertically up or down while holding down the left button to move the link, and release the button once the link is where you would like it to be.

How do I organize my Course Menu?
When organizing your course menu, it is easiest to think in sections based on how students need information to be organized, accessed, and relayed as well as how you, the instructor, can keep your content as streamlined and structured as possible. Please see the included .pdf below for further explanation.