ECHO 360


Echo360 gives instructors the option of having their in-class sessions recorded and made available online for students in the class to watch. The instructor podium area is recorded using a video camera and microphone while the system simultaneously captures any content being displayed on the projector. Recordings are uploaded for students to view online approximately 3-4 hours after the lecture. This system is entirely automatic and requires no intervention from the instructor beyond their request to have a class recorded.

Getting Started with Echo360

If you are teaching in one of the classrooms listed below and are interested in having your classes captured by Echo360, please fill out the Echo360 Lecture Capture Request Form. An Instructional Development team member will be in touch shortly after to confirm that you are good to go!

Note: Use of Echo360 is done in accordance with the UMass Dartmouth Lecture Capture Policy.

Classrooms Echo360 is available in:

  • LIB 205
  • LIB 206
  • LIB 207
  • SENG 114
  • LARTS 117
  • SMAST 204
  • SMAST-E 101
  • SMAST-E 102
  • CVPA 153
  • TEX 101
  • TEX 102
  • LAW 123
  • CCB 247
  • CCB 248
  • CCB 340

If you are in need of further assistance please email us at