Creating and Sharing a VoiceThread

Creating and Sharing a VoiceThread


Follow these steps to learn how to create a VoiceThread presentation that can be shared with your instructor and classmates via a web link.


Step 1:

In a course site, click on the VoiceThread link provided by your instructor. This link typically has “VoiceThread” in the title and has a “VT” icon to the left of it (as shown in the image below.)

Step 2:

Click the “Add your own” button in the top-right corner.


Step 3:

Click the “Create a new VoiceThread” button.


Step 4:

During this step, you will choose the information that will appear in the center of the VoiceThread. Click the “Add Media” circle in the center of the page to add your focus content.

My Computer” allows you to upload files from your computer:

  • Images – JPEG/GIF/PNG/BMP
  • Audio – MP3/WAV
  • Video – QuickTime, WMV, AVI
  • Documents – DOC, DOCX, PDF, ODT, XLS, XLSX, ODS.
  • Presentations – PPT, PPTX, ODP, PDF

Media Sources” imports content from Khan Academy, other VoiceThreads, Flickr, or the New York Public Library.

Audio Recording” records audio from your microphone to serve as the focus of the discussion.

Webcam Photo” or “Webcam Video” allows you to take a picture or record a video directly from your webcam.

URL” allows you to import images and videos from other websites.

Step 6:

After you have chosen the content you want to upload, you can give your presentation a title and then click “Save.”



Step 7:

If you would like to add more slides/content to your VoiceThread presentation, use the large [+] button.

If you are ready to add your audio/video narration, click the “2. Comment” button at the top of the page.




Step 8:

Place your mouse cursor over the first VoiceThread slide, and then click on the “Comment” button that appears along the bottom of the slide.

VoiceThread offers five different ways to make a comment:

  • ABC – Type a text comment.
  • Phone – Audio comments via telephone (toll free.)
  • Microphone – Audio comments via the microphone on your computer.
  • Camera – Video comments via the webcam on your computer.
  • Up Arrow – Upload a pre-recorded audio or video file from your computer. 

Audio comments via telephone

This option allows you to enter your phone number to have VoiceThread call you. When you pick up the phone, you can speak your comment and it will be posted to the VoiceThread as an audio comment for others to listen to. This is a great option for people who do not have a computer microphone.

Microphone & Webcam Comments

These options allows you to record video or audio comments. Most newer computers have a microphone built-in next to the webcam. If not, you can use a headset. The process of recording each comment is the same. The only difference is that microphone comments record audio, whereas video comments record both audio and video.

Click on the microphone or camera icon.

  1. Click “Allow” to let VoiceThread use your microphone and/or camera.
  1. Once the countdown finishes, record your comment by speaking into your microphone.
  1. Click the “Stop Recording” button at the bottom of the VoiceThread to finish.
  1. Click “Save” to post your comment.
  1. Use the < and > buttons to access and add comments on other slides.

If your comment posted successfully, you will see your initials or avatar along the left side of the VoiceThread slide. When you click on your avatar/initials, your comment will play.

Step 9:

Once you have added all of the comments you want to have in this presentation, click the “X” button in the top-right corner of the VoiceThread.

Step 10:

Click the “Share and Return to Course” button, and then click “Submit/share with course.”


Step 11:

Place your mouse arrow over your VoiceThread and click the “Share” arrow icon that appears underneath it.


In the Share this VoiceThread window that opens, click the “Get a link” button.


Check the “View” checkbox in the Share My Presentation window if you only want the people you are sharing it with to watch it. Check “Comment” if you want them to be able to contribute comments. Copy the web link, and then click “Done.”


You can copy the link by right clicking on it and choosing “Copy” or by clicking on the link so that it becomes highlighted blue, then pressing CTRL+C (Command+C on a Mac) on your keyboard.




Step 12:

Your VoiceThread is now ready to share. You can paste the link into emails, discussion forums, or anywhere your instructor has asked you to post it.


You can paste the link by right clicking on a place where you can type text, then choosing “Paste,” or by pressing CTRL+V keys (Command+V on a Mac) on your keyboard.