Course Messages VS Email

Within myCourses, you can send messages or emails directly to your students. Every instructor has different expectations for the level and style of communication they have with their students.
Most instructors include communication preferences within their syllabi or course welcome messages.
For more information about the differences between these tools, please read on:

Messages Tool

The myCourses Messages tool is an email-like environment you may use to communicate with your students. This tool must be activated by you, it is not automatically included in your course site.
Please note, you cannot send or receive emails using the message tool, as it only works within that one specific course. Also, students will not be able to access messages once the course is complete.

Using the Messages Tool

  1. Click “Messages” on the Course Menu.
  2. On the Messages page, click “Create Message”.
  3. On the Compose Message Page, click “To”. In the Select Recipients: To box, select the recipients and use the right-pointing arrow to move them to the Recipients box.
  4. A list of course members appears.
  5. Type a Subject.
  6. Type a message.
  7. To attach a file, click “Browse” and select the file you’d like included with the message.
  8. Click “Submit”.

Email Tool

Similar to the myCourses Messages tool, the Send Email tool allows students and instructors to send email to other people in the course from within Blackboard Learn. This tool must
be activated by you, it is not automatically included in your course site. Emails are sent to the user’s email address (Outlook Mail). Sent emails are not saved in myCourses, but in Outlook Mail.

Using the Email Tool

  1. On the Course Menu, click Send Email.
  2. From the Select Users page, select the recipients in the Available to Select box.
  3. Type a Subject.
  4. Use the right-pointing arrow to move recipients into the Selected box.
  5. Type a Message. A copy of the message is sent to the sender.
  6. Click Submit.