How to Create a SafeAssignment

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Creating a SafeAssignment is now easier than ever. Follow the instructions below to create a SafeAssignment for our course.

Step 1

  • Navigate to the content area in your course where you would like to place the SafeAssignment.
  • Select Assessments from the menu bar and then Assessment from the drop-down list.

Creat Assignment Step 1.png

Step 2

Create your assignment: Give it a name and include instructions and expectations for your students.

Create Assignment Step 2.png

Step 3

Set the due dates and points possible for this assignment.
Create Assignment Step 3.png

Step 4

  • Click on Submission Details to open up the menu.
  • Make any necessary changes to the submission style.
  • Check off “Check submissions for plagiarism using SafeAssign.”
  • Click Submit to add the SafeAssignment to the content area.

Safe Assignment Step 4.png


  • To allow students to view their SafeAssign Report, check off “Allow students to view SafeAssign originality report for their attempts.”
  • If your students are submitting multiple drafts/attempts to the same assignment folder, consider checking off “Exclude submissions from the Institutional and Global Reference Databases.” This will avoid false positives for plagiarism cause by a student’s paper being check against itself. When using this method of SafeAssignment, it is recommended that you create a separate SafeAssignment for the final draft. In most cases, you’ll want to include the final draft in the databases.