What is a Module Page?

A module page can be added to your course menu to deliver important course information to students all on one page. “Module” blocks can be added to module pages that display information such as announcements and notifications about what’s new in your course. In the UMD Course Template for course sites, the module page we have established to serve this purpose is called “What’s New.” By having a uniform name across campus, it breeds consistency for the institution and eases access for blended or fully online students as they have noted being able to quickly identify this avenue of communication, regardless of current course space.

Recommended Modules:

My Announcements

Announcements allow instructors to post public messages to the students in their course. The “My Announcements” module displays any Announcements that have been made by an instructor within the last seven days. Checking into your course on a daily basis and posting frequent announcements, helps to keep your students on track. Instructors can post reminders about due dates, clarify questions regarding assignments, and activities or to summarize overall course progress.

What’s New

The “What’s New” module helps keep students up to date with what’s going on in your course. This module lists new content available in your course that a student has not yet viewed. Once a student views something listed in “What’s New”, the content no longer appears as new and disappears from the list, no longer prompting for attention.